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skin whitening facial kit
Derma clear
Dermaclear skin whitening facial kit contains essential minral salts,fruit extracts and special skin fading co-agents.A gentle massage immediately soften and soothes the skin, extracting all the impurities and gives the feel of a perfectly refreshed skin.dermaclear facial kit consists of 7 items.
  • Dermaclear face Freshener
  • Dermaclear deep cleanser
  • Dermaclear scrub
  • Dermaclear mask
  • Dermaclear balancing cream
  • Dermaclear radiance cream
  • Cyber whitening serum
PediCure Kit
by Go4Glow.
Go4glow Pedi kit consist of 6 tubes.
Go4glow kit is combined with amazing formula. It is formulated with fine corn to exfoliate dead skin cells and tighten pores. It’s innovative formula helps stimulate cells to increase shedding rate of dead cells,new production and collagen formation.
The Go4glow Mani-Pedi kit contains following tubes :
  • Go4glow PediCure Scrub
  • Go4glow PediCure Cooling Gel
  • Go4glow PediCure Lotion
  • Go4glow PediCure Cream
  • Go4glow PediCure Soak
  • Go4glow PediCure Masque
go2glow mani pedi

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